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HUGE SELECTION of drinks with rum

We have recipes for drinks for every occasion. See our drinks with rum here on our drink menu.

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About drinks with rum

Rum is a sweetened spirit distilled from sugar cane juice, where the rum is then stored in oak barrels. The color and taste of the rum depend on how long it has been stored. White rum is much sweeter and not as characteristic in flavor as a darker rum that has been stored for a long time on a platter.

Our Rum:

Here at TenderCrate we have chosen to use the rum that we believe gives the best taste, color, and aroma to each cocktail and drink, to provide you with the best taste experience in each tear.


Most of the world’s rum production comes from Latin America and the Caribbean.

Rum is distilled from molasses from cane sugar and water. The mixture of sugar and water is fermented into a liquid with 8-10% alcohol. It is then filtered to an alcohol content of up to 90% and stored in oak barrels. After the storage process, the rum is diluted down to 40-43% and filled into bottles.

In the 18th century, British sailors were paid part of their wages in Rum. To make sure that the rum’s alcohol content was not too low, they dipped gunpowder in it.

If the gunpowder was ignited, it meant that the alcohol percentage was over 57%, and the rum was called proof (= safe). If, on the other hand, the room was not ignited, there was a reason for dissatisfaction. To this day, the term proof of alcohol is used in the United States, among other places, where “100-proof whiskey” means that the drink contains 50% alcohol.


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At TenderCrate, we strive to provide the best service. Part of this is making sure everyone has something they like. We have the largest selection in the Nordic region, but there is always room for one more.