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Huge selection in our drink menu

We have recipes for drinks for every occasion. See our recipes here on our drink menu.

Drinks & cocktails

Here in our drink menu, we have a wide selection of drinks. Browse our database and see the beverages we offer. The recipes contain instructions, and all the ingredients can be calculated using our well-thought-out drinks system.



Do you love sweet drinks? Or are you into a bitter drink with a bite in it? Choose your favorite taste here, and see all the recipes in our drink menu, divided into the taste they belong to. See only the drinks you like best here.

Need inspiration? You can sort by season and see the best selection of our drink cards, which can fit perfectly on the hot summer evenings, or the cold winter days. Sort in our go through our categories and choose between summer, fall, winter, or spring.

Vodka bottle

Drinks with vodka

Gin bottle

Drinks with gin

Rum bottle

Drinks with rum

Jager bottle

Drinks with Jägermeister

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