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Cocktail: Peppers Pride

Pepper’s Pride

5 fra 1 stemme
Pepper’s Pride is a cocktail with an intense and very complex profile. Although it is not difficult to make, it can prove problematic to find Pepper’s Pride ingredients. It was first created in San Francisco in a pub called "Trick Dog."
  • 1.5 CL. Benedictine D.O.M
  • 1.5 CL. Chili liqueur
  • 3 CL. Williams and humbert oloroso sherry
  • 6 CL. Four roses bourbon
  • 1 Swirl Juicy orange
  • 55 GRAM Ice cubes
Quantity 1 drinks


  • Pour Bénédictine and Chili liqueur into a low glass and stir briefly.
  • Then add Oloroso Sherry and 3 cl. Four Roses Bourbon and stir briefly again.
  • Then add a few ice cubes but leave enough room for another 3 cl. bourbon on top.
  • Cut a swirl of orange peel, squeeze it then add it to the cocktail and serve.

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